Officers Killed In The Line of Duty
from Shasta County
1885 to present
William Blake
EOW Nov. 25, 1911
Walter Krukow
EOW April 20, 1947
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Albert Ross
EOW Jan. 23, 1919
John Reives
EOW Jan. 14, 1921
Paul Lane
EOW Jan. 7, 1942
Earl Sholes
EOW May 25, 1950
Arthur Dunn
EOW July 9, 1977










Owen "Ted" Lyon
EOW May 19, 1967
George Redding
EOW August 17, 1977






Kenneth Perrigo
EOW Oct. 21, 1991
Dennis "Skip" Sullivan
EOW Oct. 10, 1987







During the past couple of years, Retired Shasta County Marshal Dennis Boatner, located four officers from the past who were killed in the line of duty in Shasta County; they are the following:

Constable James A. Greelee EOW April 1885
Constable James D. Campbell EOW December 9, 1895
Constable Charles Cummins EOW June 4, 1902
Constable John "Jack" Hewitt EOW May 8, 1907

If we are able to locate any photos of the above officers, we will be posting them. If you have any further information on these officers, please feel free to contact us.


Dan Heryford
EOW May 25, 1950